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Radio AB


Interactive analogy

Aׁ movie about a journey between radio stations in the crater of the volcano called Jerusalem.

Two years ago I accidentally found a border. I was in the car, listening to the radio and in the transition between Reverse and Drive the stations changed themselves.


My location in space changed the reception between the Israeli 88fm and the Palestinian 88fm.

This discovery led me to design a radio and use it to look for places where frequencies collide. Where radio stations on either side of the barricade meet and produce impossible integrations.


Life bubbles around us all the time, more in Jerusalem and moreover in the crater of the volcano called Mount Scopus.


My research led me to interact with a device through space, like a metal detector, to search the middle between clouds of waves.

I wondered if it is an object of anthropologists or an object of surveyors, is it a tactical object?

The film tries to bring people to places they have never been or did not expect to be. You can walk on this border line and listen to different radio stations - one in each ear. Like sitting on the fence, walking between the drops, Can you have the cake and eat it too?

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